Monday, August 2, 2010

August Layout Challenge

Although August marks the middle of the year, it also marks the Beginning for a lot of things. August is the beginning of school for some, it could be the beginning of a life for a new baby, the beginning of a marriage...there are all sorts of things that August marks the beginning of.
This month, your challenge is to create a layout in recognition of a Beginning. I want the word BEGIN in your title, or some form of the word...(begins, beginning, began...etc.)

I chose to document the beginning of my insanity. Yes...You heard me right...I am now officially going insane. This layout is of my oldest son...with his girlfriend. AAAHHHHH! How is that even possible!!??? Just "yesterday" he was playing with Tonka he is playing with a girl!!! there you have it...the beginning of his first "relationship" which marks the beginning of my insanity!

All entries will be entered into a drawing for a RAK at the end of the make sure you load your layout into the SO gallery and link it her if you would like! Have fun and Good luck!!


  1. I love the subject of your gorgeous LO and this is such a great challenge!! :)

  2. Wow Misty! THis LO is Beautiful!!

  3. Oh Dear! Poor Mommy!
    Gorgeous layout!

  4. Love it misty... very beautiful like always

  5. Totally gorg-eous LO, girl!! You always rock it though!! :)

  6. Fabulous lo and awesome challenge, will have to think about it for a bit. Good luck with the relationship thing..LOL been there done that.


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