Saturday, March 14, 2009

No guilt scrapping!

I think that many of us are in a similar position right now where we feel a little guilty about this hobby of ours. I've seen ladies talk about many things that make them feel bad -- the economy is in the pooper and I feel bad spending or suddenly it feels silly, I should be spending more time with my family, yada yada yada. We're women and moms, it's kind of our thing to think up reasons to feel guilty about anything good we do for ourselves. But I'm here to get your toes back in the water so that you can jump right back in.

The fact of the matter is that as a hobby, it is good for us to let ourselves have time to ourselves and be creative. It's true that you shouldn't probably skip out on family events to make that perfect altered birdhouse instead, but balance can and should be achieved. Look at your family - everyone probably has stuff that they do on their own timeto unwind. Hubby golfs? Kids play sports? Give yourself a little something.

As for feeling like it is frivilous, I'll be frank. I used to make some downright frivilous projects, scrapping or altering just to be scrapping or altering. Case in point, a birdhouse that can't do outside. Perfect:

Color Me Silly Birdhouse

Did it matter? I enjoyed it, so I guess not. I mean I've seen altered pirate ships before. If it makes you happy, who cares? But a huge chunk of what we scrappers do it not only not frivilous, it is cherished and expected. I was up until two in the morning today making my nephew's birthday album. It is a pretty simple album I do where I print up all the pics from the year, stick them in a little 4 by 6 album and make little 4 by 6 scrapped journaling cards to tell him how we felt about him through each accomplishment of the year. That was no waste of time because his mama LOVES it (and after 3 years I think would be sad not to get one) and at some point he will look at all of them and have a huge chunk of his life all written out for him in words in pics. PS, I also used up all the KI Pop Fusion I had. I always wanted to use it and I did, wahoo!!

When I feel like this craft is silly and frivilous, I focus on making cards, party favors and gifts. No one ever says to me "Ugh, why didn't you just buy me a card" and frankly have you seen how much a store bought card costs these days? The economy almost dictates me going in and making one. It probably doesn't dictate me buying a bunch of new stamps from Stampin Up to go with it, but no one's perfect =) And when the creativity is flowing and you're feeling good about your me-time and giving back, you'll feel ready to work on some LO's. And don't get me started on how much your family is going to appreciate those one day...

rsc db card

2008-12-15 CD Case


  1. Great Article. I agree we need to not feel so guilty and just give ourselves so ME time!!

  2. Amen!! LOL!
    I need to print this out and hang it
    around my house!

  3. I agree with Ronda!! It needs to be a constant reminder!!! Great article!


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