Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Artis of the Month Challenge!!

I am so excited about our new challenge this month. I just know y'all are going to love it too! Each month we will choose an artist to highlight, and your challenge will be to go through her gallery and choose one of her beautiful LO's to lift! Fun, yes!?!

Are you ready?

Our first Artist of the Month is....

*drum roll please*


Let's get to know Lisa a little better! Heather asked her a ton of questions and here is what she said:

1. Where do you live? Tamworth, NH
2. Do you have any kids? yes, some would say too many, i would say 5 and i would love more...
3. Do you have any pets? just a cute little hamster named Poco (which means little in spanish)
4.What was the last book you read? my Bible and the Crazy Love Book... it is a daily read for me :)
5.Do you like to cook? i LOVE to cook. i often post my favorite recipes on my blog
6.What's your favorite food? Chinese food or chips and salsa
7.Do you have brothers and sisters? I have one of each... i am the oldest bossy one, though.
8. Which sport do you like? the one i do not have to play...heehee... i do love jump roping and hiking in my spare time
9.Have you ever met a famous person? never, but if any of my 5 kids ever become famous then i may have...heehee
10.How do you spend your free time? reading, hiking, relaxing at the ocean, organizing, cleaning, and of course scrapping!!!

I just love her work. Her style is so fresh and unique. I love love love all the different techniques that she uses. I really think you all are really going to enjoy lifting her work. Very inspiring, and it will definately push you out of your box!!

Check out her gallery here: Lisa's Gallery!!

I chose to lift this page:

Here is my take on her gorgeous page:

I know your inspired! Now get to scrapping! Post your lifts here so we can enjoy them...and don't forget to leave Lisa lots of love in her gallery

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