Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Felt it!!! by Abbie Torroll

Wanna know what I love?! Easy ways to dress up a scrapbooking page for CHEAP!! LOL

You can buy felt sheets for 10-15 cents from Walmart and any of your fav craft stores. Felt comes in so many colors and designs. It really can be a GREAT way to dress up a page inexpensively and make the page "your own"!!

Here are ten fun ideas of how to turn that simple felt sheet into something fun!!

1. Cut out simple shapes like buttons or flowers to add to your page. You can add stitching to this for extra jazz!

2. Let a piece of felt serve as a sheet color on your page.

3. Mount a picture on the felt for a soft look, while adding extra height to the picture:)

4. Use paint or marker to create a design on the felt. Use the sheet as a sheet of patterned paper.

5. Stitch a pocket on your page with felt to store the journaling or extra momentos.

6. Add layers of felt to a pattern on patterned paper for extra dimension. For example, adding felt leaves to some flower paper.

7. Stitch a patchwork design with your felt on your page for a nice border.

8. Cut your title letters out of the felt. For extra POP, stitch or outline the exterior of the shapers.

9. Create fun 3-D critters, flowers.... by cutting out TWO of a shape, and stuffing and stitching it together. This can take some time, but the look is SO fun!

10. Cut strips of it for a fun, furry ribbon look!!

Any more ideas? I would LOVE to hear them!! Share them here!


  1. Oh I love the pocket idea to hold the momentos! I love the LO SUPER Cute!!

  2. Those are all great ideas. Got me thinking. . . hmmmmmmm


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