Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Memberspotlight!

This months spotlight is Anna aka artgirl. I have known her for about 5 years and she is such a sweet person. She loves to participate on the MB and in all the online crops.
Here is more about her:

Do you have any pets? Yep. Her name is Rocket the Wonder Dog. She's part chow & has a spotted blue tongue.
What was the last book you read? I just finished reading Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. It took me 4 months to read it. Yeah, I'm a very slow reader.
Do you like to cook? Yes, cooking is my "me time". I let the kids help me, but for the most part the kitchen is all mine.
What's your favorite food? Roast beef - the really yummy kind that falls apart when you cook it long enough. Mmmmm.
Do you have brothers and sisters? I have 2 sisters & I am in the middle.
Which sport do you like? I've loved baseball all my life. Go Dbacks!
Have you ever lived in another country? I wish I could say yes to this question. Maybe Brazil one husband speaks Portuguese.
Have you ever met a famous person? Lots. Not formally though. I used to work at Hot Dog on a Stick in high school (in the Santa Monica Mall) & we had lots of famous customers, like Charlie Sheen, some of the American Gladiators, soap opera stars, the mom from Home Improvement & all her kids - just to name few). I think it's funny when they wear sunglasses indoors to hide their appearance - as if anyone would not know who they were!
How do you spend your free time? I scrap or sleep. But really, I have 4 kids, so free time doesn't exist. One day....
Who has had the most influence in your life? My grandpa. He was incredibly smart & had a great sense of humor. He taught me to work hard first & then the fun would follow. A lot of the decisions I make are based on things he taught me when I was younger.
Would you like to be famous? Sort of. It is my secret wish to have a speaking roll in a movie. Even if it's a one-liner, I don't care. As long as my part ends up being in the final cut of the movie, I'll be happy. And that could possibly make me famous, which would be cool.
What do you think you will be doing five years from now? Hopefully I'll be back at Arizona State University working on my Fibers BFA (art degree) because all of my kids will be in school!!!
Are you a 'morning' or 'night' person? A little bit of both :)
How many times did you move as a child? I think I figured it out once that I have moved about 17 times in my lifetime.
If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be? Prince Edward Island. I grew up loving the Anne of Green Gables series & have always wanted to live there. It looks SO beautiful.
What super-power would you most like to have, and why? I'd love to be able to give my kids a little zap every time they ignore me when I ask them to do something. I think I'd call myself "The Invisible Mom".
Are you a beach, country or city person? I want to live in the country, but have close access to the city. I grew up near the beach in high school & much prefer the country now.


Thanks for being SIMPLY OBSESSED!