Thursday, June 11, 2009

Abbie's Reveal

Good Morning everyone!!

I loved this kit SOO much!! The first night I played with it I stayed up till 3:30 in the morning because I just couldn't put it down!

This first page "but goodies" as in "oldies but goodies" was inspired by a sketch at So Sketchy. This is a picture of me and two of my really good friends at a wedding a couple of weeks ago.

"Dip & Blow". Pictures of my son blowing bubbles:)

And this kit is SOO huge! After I had done those two pages I still had TONS AND TONS of stuff left. I just HAD to use every last inch of that kit, so I chose to do a mini. My husband is in the AF and I am really not very good about scrapbooking pictures of him, not sure why. But I was so inspired by all the red, white, and blue in the kit, that I decided to put a little book together of some of my favorite shots of him in his uniform:

This is picture of him a few years ago the night he found out what job he would be doing. "A.B.M" is Air Battle Manager.

Here are pictures from his Commissioning Ceremony. Aghhh it was only just beginning...

I took his class photos for them and this is what we did. I photo shopped a picture of them sitting on a couch on top of a jet wing. Turned out pretty cool. Anyway, "09 006" was their class number. To edge the side of the photo I used the JB paper in the kit as a template.
I added the overlay in the album just for fun:

Pictures of my husband graduating from his training school in Florida. He won some awards and we were really proud;)

And lastly I was so inspired by the grungeboard. The stripes reminded me of a flag, so I painted a whole bunch of red on it.

And lastly, just a little note to my DH thanking him for all he does:)

Hope you all have a great Thursday!!


  1. This is amazing. Love the mini book too! Fabulous work! Love it.

  2. ABBIE THESE ARE SO FABULOUS!!! I love your mini book... you rocked it so much!! Love it!!!

  3. Wow Abbie! I LOVE the Mini album! Soo soo Cute!! Great work!

  4. Gorgeous work, Abbie! Amazing mini!!!!!

  5. Love your mini!!! Such great work on them
    all, girl!! :)


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