Monday, June 28, 2010

Karry's Hello Sunshine Reveal!!!

Wow, can I just tell you how much I LOVE this kit? I know I'm not alone since the kit has already sold out. But goodness, if you can get your hands on this kit you will be so happy. I know Heather is trying to get together a reorder, so don't hesitate to let her know if you want one!!! I did 3 pages and have tons more goodies I haven't even touched yet. I can't wait to get back with it and play some more!!! It's bright and happy and is just perfect for our summer pictures!!!

Let me show you what I did, I hope I did this kit justice!!

Life with you...

How can you say no to that face? *rofl* It's Chloe during one of her regular drama queen moments. When I showed her the picture, she tried so hard not to smile. You know that look. lol This page is all kit goodies exept for the Kraft CS, the red Target $ spot letter stickers and some buttons from my stash. I am in love with those Niki Riki thickers! I want them in all colors now. So much fun and they are just the perfect size.

Redneck Princess:

Yes, that IS mud on Chloe's face. We had rain for a solid week last month, so my husband had lots of fun mud holes to drive the 4 wheeler through. They had SO much fun and got SO dirty! They had to wash off with the garden hose before they came near the house. Chloe said being a redneck sure was fun.

This is all kit goodies except for the buttons. I can never have enough buttons! lol Even the little black scallops are from the kit....they came from the rub-on packaging! They were just too cute to throw away.

Hello Sunshine:

I love this picture. Chloe is such a nut head.

This page is all kit goodies, right down to the CS. I just love the banner that came with the kit, you could do so much with it! I slapped a little paint on them, covered the tops with pretty paper and stacked them. I loved the dimention it added. This may have been the second or third time I have EVER used a rub on! I couldn't believe it was so easy. The big one, I was just too chicken to put it right on the page. So I put it on white cardstock then cut it out. I believe it would have done just fine to put it right on the page, but I just wasn't confident enough. lol

These pages where so much fun! Thanks for looking!


  1. you did a great job Karrie!!

  2. you did a fabulous job!! Love them all!

  3. Those are great... love the story behind the Redneck Princess!

  4. Karry...those are all so adorable! Your little Red Neck Princess is precious!


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