Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anna's Title Prompt Challenge: My Guilty Pleasure

We all have one (or more!). You know. That thing that you love to do even though you know it’s not that great for you (or those you drag into it). Yes, I have a guilty pleasure. Actually I have a few, like bloghopping for hours at a time, drinking yummy chocolate Odwalla juice right in front of my kids & not sharing, reading crafty magazines & almost never making anything….. I’ll stop there. But you get the idea. We all have a guilty pleasure. I want you to share yours with all of us! What tops my list?? Eating a big bowl of ice cream while plopped down in front of the tv with my my sweet hubby by my side just about every night.

Be sure to share your guilty pleasure with all of us & upload your LO into the gallery!!

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  1. Love this Anna! I have LOTS of guilty pleasures!


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