Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Make and Take for National Scrapbook Day!

How would you like to make a cute little box flower like this? You know there are 2 things that are all the rage these days in the scrappy industry... banners (love them) and handmade flowers. I discovered these cute little flowers on the Cosmo Cricket blog a few months back. They're super easy to make. If you can close a cardboard box, you can make one of these.

I like to make my flowers with 2 layers. So, I started off with 8 circles, 4 in 2 different sizes. Fold 4 of them in half and crinkle them up for texture.

Now, start layering them. You need to put a small dab of adhesive just right of center and then add the next piece. You will work clockwise around the flower.

The only tricky piece is the last. you need to dab the adhesive on the petal at the same spot, just right of center AND fold the left piece up and dab under there too. You're completing the flower just like you shut a cardboard box, by linking up the sides. Like so...

Once you've done that put a little crease in the top layer, one on each "petal". Then make the next set of cirles into a smaller layer and use a glue dot to adhere to the top of your first flower. Connect them with a brad or a button, you get the picture. Volia!

Now, for my first flower, I simply used punched circles. But, imagine the possibilities. You coul ink the edges of the circles. You could use a scallop punch. You could distress the edges of your circles. The possibilities are endless! For this one I distressed and used a scallop punch...

There you have it. Your very own Make & Take in the comfort of your own home. Happy National Scrapbook Day!


  1. Nice tutorial! I will have to give these a try!

  2. So cute Jenny! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing! So cute!!

  4. Super Cute flowers! I will have to try these!!


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