Thursday, July 9, 2009

Anna's Challenge!

Everyone up for a fun challenge?? Don't worry, I've made it super easy so anyone can give it a try!!

Most of us grab a piece of ribbon to add that extra little ooh-la-la to cards, layouts, & wherever our scrappy hearts desire. But today we are going to think outside the box just a little & use paper instead of ribbon. That's right ladies - NO RIBBON ALLOWED! Paper is actually quite fun to work with and can be easily shaped - just like ribbon!

For this card, I punched a hole over each scallop. Next, I cut a very thin piece of paper to fit through the holes. You may have to cut it more than once to get it to the right width. I used patterned paper with lines to make my cutting easier. Then I weaved the paper in & out of the holes & stapled each end for fun. Yes, I could have used ribbon, but paper gives just the same effect. Plus, you can use coordinating papers from the same manufacturer line to take away the guess-work when deciding which paper to use in place of ribbon. Easy peasy!!
Does anyone recognize the products I used for this birthday boy card? That's right, they're from this month's Lime Rickey kit!

Here is another example. This time I used paper to make a bow. All I had to do was cut 4 pieces of paper to the same width. Then I left one piece the original length (to lay across the entire card) & cut the other pieces shorter than the one before it. I folded the ends in & glued them to the center, being careful not to smash the ends of the bow. Then I layered them & wrapped the center with a scrap piece of paper I had cut off one of the strips. Then all I had to do was glue it down & voila! My bow was done :D

A close-up of the bow

Now let's see what you do with this challenge! Don't forget to post your work in the SO gallery so we can all see your creativity :)


  1. Oh my goodness! What a genius you are! Very clever challenge ANNA! I love it!

  2. Very cute! Super fun challenge! I will have to try it!

  3. Such a fun challenge! This would DEFINITELY challenge me! :)


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