Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sarah's Photography Challenge.

Good afternoon ladies! I hope everyone's Thursday has been great!

I was thinking about how much fun I am having chatting with everyone on the SO boards the other day. That got me thinking about all the new friends I have made there and all the inspiration on the site.

Then I started wondering- I know everyone LOVES to scrapbook, but what else does everyone love to do? Besides scrapbooking a few things I love to do are cook, run, garden, and make jewelry.

So my challenge is really two-fold- to learn a little bit more about you and hopefully inspire you to take photos of one of your other hobbies. I photographed my favorite flowers in my garden.

I just started gardening a few years ago and I love it! One side of my backyard is all wildflowers and the other side is a huge vegetable garden. In the front of my house I plant tulips for the spring, morning glories in the summer and mums in the fall.

All of you girls are so talented and we would love to see your other hobbies and talents! Upload your photos to the SO photo challenge thread. I can't wait to see them!


  1. aw that is a great idea!! now I have to think about what to do!!! love it girlie! and your flowers are gorgeous!

  2. LOVE the challenge Sarah! What else do I do though! lol! I have a couple of ideas!!

  3. Love this challenge-in fact I was just taking some photos for this the other day - now I have something to use them for-THANKS

  4. Awesome challenge! Love it Sarah!!


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