Friday, July 31, 2009

Ronda's July Challenge!!!

Well ladies, today is the LAST day of July, and we are moving on to August!! Can't believe how fast this Summer has passed!! We have all been busy with our kids, work, vacations, and just everyday life stuff. And it's just a tough life for a scrapbooker when we CAN'T find the time to SCRAP!! heehee!
So, my challenge is for the scrappers that are "Time-challenged"!!! LOL!
Create a simple notecard!!! When you are in a hurry, these little cards can come in so handy!! Just create a card without making it for anything specific, then you can use it as a thank you card, birthday card, or get well soon, etc. Easy peasy!!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!! :)



Thanks for being SIMPLY OBSESSED!