Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Karry's Queen Bee Reveal

Let me tell you how fun this kit was! I had so many pictures that I could have gone with it. I loved it.
This was the last page I did. My oldest daughter in a photo shoot we did not too long ago. I can't believe how grown up she is getting. :-( She will be getting her learners permit next week. Yuck! This page was so fun, those Prima pearls...they are so gorgeous. Perfect and glamorous. I also used the PP clear border stickers. It wasn't until this LO that I realized the treasure in them. As a whole strip I was scared to death of them, but I cut parts of them out and they make for some cute cute accents. The only thing from my stash are the pearls and the buttons.

This is my Chloe. The picture is from Easter, it was just a lucky shot. She didn't know the camera was on her. (or she would have had her cheesy fake grin on. lol ) She was just walking next to a tree looking for Easter eggs and just in time I called her name and snapped her picture. It turned out so pretty I made all the kids pose there. lol

I love the way this page turned out. Rolling all those papers kind of took forever....but it was worth it I think. I used the add on cutouts on this page. Those journaling cards are all just beautiful. The only thing from my stash are the October Afternoon letter stickers and of course a button. The title I cut with my Cricut, the font is called Not His Angel.

These worms may be pretty, but they are absolutely gross. When you pluck them off the tree they squish this yellow goo on you. A yellow goo that stains. I don't know if you can see my husband's hand in the close up shot. Thank goodness I had my camera and a perfect excuse to not touch them. Ewww! lol Taylor was in heaven though, she loves all things buggy.

I used both of the add-ons on this page. Those gorgeous pleated ribbons and the journaling cards. Don't laugh, but I also used the packaging for the Prima flowers. It was just too pretty to throw away. I used the OA letter stickers again from my stash...but that was all, no buttons this time. lol

My daughter waits until 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave for her BFF's party and she goes snooping in my cabinet looking for a card! Yikes! My kit was laying out so I whipped her up a quick card. I love the colors. The Sprout CS really makes the pale blue flowers pop. I love those pps together! Of course I had to add a button from my stash. It's just not finished if it doesn't have a button on it. lol


  1. I'm not laughing....I like to use my Prima packaging too!
    Your projects are beautiful and so are your daughters!

  2. Very nice job Karry! They are all lovely!

  3. Great layouts! Love the rolls of paper!

  4. beautiful!! i love how you used the paper rolls, as well!!


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