Thursday, July 22, 2010

This may be the QUEEN of Kits!!

The colors in this kit are to die for!! I kid you not!! They are absolutely beautiful! If you haven't purchased a kit yet, I think you need to hop on over to the store and take care of that!
Here is what I came up with:
Up first is a layout I absolutely adore. It is a photo of my daughter and I. The journaling talks about how God has blessed me with the privilege of raising such a wonderful girl! She is definitely "The Queen of my Heart"

I used a sketch by Frances Sylvia for this one because well- I liked it! I wanted to showcase the cute little silver crown that came in the kit so I gave it a special place accenting my title. The cute flower is nothing more than one of the punch-0ut journaling tags that I added some adhesive to the back and went around it with the ribbon pleats. Finally, I layered three cork buttons on top and there you have it!

Up next is a layout about my son, Kyle. On vacation I was sitting on the beach watching him in the surf. I noticed how much of a man he has grown into. I grabbed the camera and snapped some photos (not something he stops for often!). The journaling talks about how fast he has grown and how it just hit me here on the beach that he is now a man. I am one proud mamma---

This is a very straightforward layout with lots of layering--papers, journaling tags, ribbon pleats. The journaling tag is the packaging from the Prima pearls in the kit. It was just the size I was needing. I decided to use the bling frame to call attention to the photo where he faces forward.

Okay, you know me, I love the vintage feel of this one! I wasn't sure about the Yukon Gold cardstock, but it was the crowning touch here. The photo was taken on vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida in June. There were nine of us on the trip (the one missing is our photographer, Kyle). The journaling discusses the number present and how I dearly missed my husband and other two sons who didn't make the trip with us. We always do vacation my my brother-in-law and his family and it just wasn't the same with half of mine missing.
So here is "9"

The one thing in this layout to talk about are those nice big flowers. Boy did they give me a hard time! I used the clear border strips and the creamy yellow side of one of the Queen Bee papers to make strips to fan-fold. Because the border strips are kind of plasticy it was a battle. But I did get it done with lots of glue dots!!

Lastly, is this layout---I am going to be honest---I just don't like! But, I am going to share it anyway (I thought about just keeping it to myself!!) However, even if the photos are not great they capture my third son who is having MAJOR high school growing pains enjoying himself while acting silly! I so rarely see this happy side of him anymore. It makes me so sad to know how unhappy he seems most of the time. So, these rare moments are so special.
Here is "A Glimpse"

Let me explain THE OUTFIT! He was going to ride the four-wheeler and it was cold. After I shot these he even put a pair of jeans over the warm-ups. We just don't have clothes for really cold weather here in tropical South Louisiana! Here I made a few little flowers from the left over ribbon pleats, layered up some of the items from the kit here and there. Oh yes, the cute little fleur de lis at the top right was cut from the border strips. Even If it isn't my favorite, it holds some special meaning!

Okay, not only do I have these four layouts, I also have layout I used for my Sketch Challenge that will go up August 1. i LOVE it too! Then, there is a card I will share later! AND I still have enough to do a few more cards and could probably squeeze out another layout! This kit just keeps giving! One more bit of advise, the bittersweet and yukon gold cardstock are a must have! They can be purchased as an add-on. Don't miss out on yours and be sure to join us for the "Just Beachy" crop over in the forum. Pre-crop is underway and we really get rolling on Friday! Hope to see you there, Susan


  1. Susan your projects are great!
    Sorry to hear that your son is having some hard times. It gives a tug on my heart.

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  3. Absolutely magnificent! Love your work...and I know what you mean about not having
    the appropriate clothes for the COLD weather we had this last winter!!! I LOVE the Because layout! I can sooooo relate to ust realizing how much your oldest son is growing!!! GORGEOUS stuff, Susan! ALL of it!!!!

    (I deleted the 1st one...I had TONS of mis-spelled words! LOL)

  4. Gorgeous layouts. Each one if full of wonderful detail and dimension. Really beautiful.

  5. wonderful! I especially love the "Queen of my heart" layout... great job!

  6. Oh WOW!! Absolutely gorgeous colors and patterns in this kit and your work is fantastic! :)

  7. Amazing Susan!!! Love the first one the best, but they are all fantastic!!! Great work as always.

  8. Great job on all the layouts!! Love the colors!

  9. you really rocked this kit, Susan. it is just so "you". love the first one with that beautiful photo of you and your girlie. love that you scrapped your guy on the beach. i scrapped my oldest son on the football field. i guess this kit is kind of VERY versatile! and it makes us Momma's wax nostalgic! beautiful!!


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