Thursday, August 13, 2009

GD Elizabeth Technique Challenge

Technique Challenge"Memorabilia Pouches"

I had hair clippings from my daughter's first haircut that I saved and wanted to incorporate into a layout. I wanted a way to attach it to the layout without it falling off the layout or getting loose. I took one of the embellishment bags from my August kit and one of the Lily Bee punch outs cut in half. I trimmed down the bag to fit inside the punch out. I machine sewed around the edges of the plastic pouch. Then I was able to attach the sealed pouch to my layout. I really like how it is clear and you can see what is inside, but it is also backed with a pretty pattern. Use this technique to house items you want to safely display on a layout...coins, ticket stubs, tags, small toys, pressed flowers, etc.

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