Friday, August 28, 2009

Make and Take A Flower for Fab Pages!

Happy Birthday Simply Obsessed!
We had a great time at the 3-ring circus themed birthday crop on the forum! Hope you were able to play along! (if not, you can still check out the challenges, they are so inspiring!). I made the birthday hat below for our blog hop! Since making it I have gotten some questions about some of the elements on it - so I thought I would share... I used a LOT of crepe paper on this project! -
The ruffle around the bottom is crepe paper that I sewed around the edge of the hat and then "snipped" with scissors. The other crepe paper element is the yellow "flower" around the number 2. I made this using a fun technique I learned a while back from Got Sketch 101 with Valerie Salmon and Jana Wilson at Got Crafts? .

You will need the following materials:

crepe paper
a die cut circle - you choose the size, mine is about 3"

dry adhesive

button/brad/something for the middle
Next you will need to unwind approximately 6 inches of crepe paper and begin to fold it in half long-wise (see below)

Cover your circle with dry adhesive (like Tombow, Duck, Kokuyo) and then carefully wind the folded crepe paper around the circle filling in as you go.

Tear off the excess and then add a button, brad or some other item as your "center".... viola! This is a fun and easy embellishment that can really add some cute kick to your next project!

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  1. Oh that is such a super cute flower!! I have some crepe paper I will have to try!


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