Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall in Love with this Kit!!!

Hello Obsessed Scrappers!
I love love love this month's kit! I looked at it and it screamed FALL! and I love fall. It is my favorite season - so I was excited to scrap with this kit!

Now, I admit, I typically procrastinate with my projects, but this time I didn't... I got straight to work! (but tragedy has befallen me.. I will get to that later!) - I immediately cut 60 squares and set to work on the project below:

Then I set to work creating two fabulous layouts (that is how much goodness is in this kit! - I had enough for 60 3.5x3.5 squares with only the addition of 2 sheets of cardstock and 2 layouts!)Unfortunately, I did procrastinate on finishing one of the layouts so I finished it last night and set it out to dry... then when I got home I went to take its beautiful picture and my camera is reading some sort of error!!! (I am not going to freak out until I can read up on what it might be)... so no photo yet; but I did manage to get the one below!

Go buy the kit if you haven't already.. it is VERY pretty and fun to work with and will be perfect or your fall photos past or to come in the future... and watch for my illusive 2nd layout! LOL!




  1. Great LO and I LOVE that flower. So adorable!

  2. Super cute stuff, Trish!! Those flowers and that LO is gorgeous!

  3. Fun LO and the flowers are so cute! Can't wait to see what your other LO turned out like!


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