Thursday, April 22, 2010

Misty's Photo Challenge

So many times, we get into this state of mind that our subject has to be LOOKING at the camera for it to be a GOOD photo. This is so very MUCH not true. Some of the most captivating photos that I have ever seen are NOT of a subject's face...but rather their back, or their hands or even their feet. The old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" is so very matter what angle the photo is shot in.

Below, I have a few photos of the mini photo shoot that I did recently with my son and my nephew. They are both VERY country~fied little boys, very T-shirt and blue jeans, and they are best friends. I wanted to capture these things in photos, but I knew that these things were going to be lost with just a few "head-shots". Instead, I captured them in different angles, with their backs to me as if they were looking out over the country side. I took one of my son in his "Thinking Position" as he calls it with his head bowed and the hat covering his face...and I took one of their show the true nature of these 2 boys in ratty old blue jeans and worn out tennis shoes.
Yes, I took some of their faces also..but these photos were so much more captivating to me than the plain old "head-shot" challenge to you is...."Off with their Heads!" (or faces anyway!)
When you take your next photo, leave out the faces. Capture the essence without putting a face on it. Have fun with your camera and your subject...You will be GLAD that you did!!


  1. These are my fave kind of photos-I laugh at myself for taking soooo many like this!

  2. OOOOHHHH!! I LOVE these kinds of photos! I will see what I can do this weeK!!!

  3. totally doing this today! what a fun idea!

  4. Great challenge and photos, girl!!

  5. The photo on my table is a back shot! I want to do an entire mini-album of all my back shots!

  6. Misty, gorgeous photos, you do great work. I love these kinds of photos. I do something on my blog called "No Faces Fridays." I love to capture lunchboxes all lined up or snow boots in a row, etc. Awesome challenge!


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